Aug 2nd 2016
  • uk-Ian Jeffrey Mason2

    Ian Jeffrey Mason (Head Delegate) Male Delegation:UK Introduction: Ian is an economist, author and entrepreneur. He is the founder of an education company, providing physical and digital learning resources to schools across the UK and globally.

  • uk-Lucy Fagan2

    Lucy Fagan Female Delegation:UK Introduction:

  • Stephanie Rose Burrell-uk-list

    Stephanie Rose Burrell Female Delegation:UK Introduction: Stephanie graduated from the University of Oxford with first class honors and a Biological Sciences degree. She currently works as a Technology Consultant at Accenture where she advises clients and delivers new technology solutions for their businesses. Her work extends and deepens her understanding of technology and recently […]

  • Ruth Helen Foster-uk-list

    Ruth Helen Foster Female Delegation:UK Introduction: Ruth is a student at the University of Edinburgh who will be studying at Dartmouth College in 2017. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Ruth is proudly British and Irish. Ruth has worked on philanthropic projects in divided societies in Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka and most recently in […]

  • uk-Jordan Abdi2

    Jordan Abdi Male Delegation:UK Introduction: Jordan is a medical student at Imperial College London, having graduated with first class honours and a degree in Neuroscience. He co-founded the London Forum of Science Policy, a student-led think tank bringing the gap between academia and policy, of which he is the Chair. Jordan has also co-authored […]