Aug 2nd 2016
  • mex-Joseé Enrique Sevilla Macip2

    José Enrique Sevilla Macip (Head Delegate) Male Delegation:Mexico Introduction: Mexican. Bachelor in International Relations, Master in Political Science.

  • Juan Pablo Hugues Arthur-mexico-list

    Juan Pablo Hugues Arthur Male Delegation:Mexico Introduction: Juan received his law degree summa cum laude from Mexico’s CIDE Law School in 2013 and an International Arbitration Diploma from Mexico’s Escuela Libre de Derecho in 2015, with the same distinction. Juan Pablo focuses professionally in international economic law. He worked for the Mexican Ministries of […]

  • Mexico2

    Walter Ricardo Smith Nieves Male Delegation:Mexico Introduction: I was born and raised in Mexico City. I hold a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science at CIDE and graduated with honors. Shortly after finishing my undergraduate education, I travelled to Canberra, Australia, as a member of the Mexican delegation to the 2015 MIKTA Academic […]

  • Tonatiuh Miguel Lievano Beltran-mexico-list

    Tonatiuh Miguel Lievano Beltran Male Delegation:Mexico Introduction:My name is Tonatiuh, and I hail from the verdant city of Cuernavaca, in central Mexico, where (beside a one-year stint in La Jolla, California as a fifth grader) I spent my childhood and adolescence reading and pursuing my interests in foreign languages, science, and service.   At […]

  • mex-Andrea Conde Ghigliazza2

    Andrea Conde Ghigliazza Female Delegation:Mexico Introduction: I am from Mexico City, where I earned my B.A. on International Relations at El Colegio de Mexico. I recently graduated from Georgetown University’s Graduate Program on Foreign Service (MSFS), where I focused on the nexus between security and development in Latin America. Previous to Grad School, I […]