Aug 2nd 2016
  • Eunkyung Scarlett Son-korea-list

    Eunkyung Scarlett Son (Head Delegate) Female Delegation:Korea Introduction: Hello, this is Eunkyung Scarlett Son from Republic of Korea and I am the head delegate of the ROK delegation. Hope this y20 summit could contribute to the world’s change and that all the delegations could have memorable and achievable time during the summer.

  • kor-Su-min Kim2

    Sumin Kim Female Delegation:Korea Introduction: Hello! I am currently working in a private-sector think tank in Korea and researching on employment relations and human resource management as a research analyst. I received my M.S. in global employment relations and HRM from L.S.E. in the U.K. and B.S. in industrial and labor relations from Cornell […]

  • kor-Yeonwoo Koo2

    Yeonwoo Koo Female Delegation:Korea Introduction: Hello, my name is Yeonwoo and I currently major in English Literature. I am interested in international relations and hope to work in the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the future. For the 2016 Y20, I hope to discuss the youth issue and its future […]

  • kor-Inseon Jeong2

    Inseon Jeong Female Delegation:Korea Introduction: “You only have one life. Therefore every moment of your life, you should do your best.”This is the motto that I keep in mind since I was young and every moment that I confront obstacle I remind this phrase. I am strongly motivated by purpose of life and this […]