Aug 2nd 2016
  • Germany-Emily-list

    Emily Theresia Raab (Head Delegate) Female Delegation: Germany Introduction: As head of the German delegation, Emily will coordinate between topics and also focus on the “entrepreneurship and creative thinking” theme. Coming from a profoundly international background, Emily is passionate about transdisciplinarity and shaping sustainable futures. In her studies and work, she has mainly focused […]

  • Germany-Markus-list

    Markus Tiemann Male Delegation: Germany Introduction: My name is Markus and I am part of the German delegation to the Y20 summit. I am passionate about joining the Y20 summit because I see the need to establish and maintain a forum in which member state’s  representatives propose solutions to the most pressing economic issues […]

  • ger-Charlotte Roehren2

    Charlotte Roehren Female Delegation: Germany Introduction: Currently, I am studying International Relations whilst having a background in development studies, economics, social sciences and area studies. At the Y20 I will participate in the topic: Social justice and equal opportunities.

  • Germany2

    Thomas Reinert Male Delegation: Germany Introduction: As part of the German Delegation, Thomas is in charge of the area “poverty elimination & joint development”. He is especially keen on discussing policy proposals that aim at lowering barriers for refugees & migrants seeking to enter the national job market.

  • Germany-Tom-list

    Tom Reutemann Male Delegation: Germany Introduction: I am a curious and dedicated personality. Over the last couple of years I had the chance to meet many wonderful people from all over the world, giving me an idea of what the global and regional struggles look like. My professional interest mainly lie in my academic […]