Aug 2nd 2016
  • bra-Fernanda Petená Magnotta2

    Fernanda Petená Magnotta (Head Delegate) Female Delegation:Brazil Introduction: Fernanda Magnotta is a PhD candidate at PPGRI San Tiago Dantas (UNESP/UNICAMP/PUC-SP) and holds a graduate degree in Globalization and Culture (FESP-SP) and a BA in International Relations (FAAP). Her main research focuses are political and international relations theories and foreign policy analises, especially United States […]

  • bra -Ariel Macena2

    Ariel Macena Male Delegation:Brazil Introduction: Ariel Macena is an architect, consultant and service designer specialized in public health policies. He has significant experience working for Governments on the fields of strategic planning, project implementation as well as data analysis. He is specialised in Design Thinking and uses this important tool towards the  implementation of […]

  • Pedro Egydio Marcondes Oliveira2

    Pedro Egydio Marcondes Oliveira Male Delegation:Brazil Introduction: Pedro Oliveira holds a BA in Marketing (Anhembi Morumbi) and while completing his studies studied one year at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. Furtheremore, he has completed the prestigious “Citizen Education” course at the São Paulo School of Government. After working in the advertisement industry for several […]

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    Petrina Teixeira Santos Female Delegation:Brazil Introduction: Petrina Santos is graduated in Environmental Managment at UniBH, Production Engineering at IBS-FGV as well as trained in Business Impact Management at Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC). She is an expert in the management area focusing on sustainability, education and entrepreneurship in the private sector and has experience in […]

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    Thomaz Ibeas Talarico Male Delegation:Brazil Introduction: Thomaz Talarico is currently a Policy Analyst Trainee at the OECD Global Relations Secretariat developing Innovation and Social Innovation Policy Frameworks for South East European economies. He has an interdisciplinary background in International Economics (Université Paris Dauphine, France), Strategic Management (London School of Economics, England) and Mechanical Engineering […]