Aug 2nd 2016
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    Elizabeth Dymock (Head Delegate) Female Delegation: Australia Introduction: I currently work for Global Voices Australia, which engages young Australians with Foreign policy issues. I am also completing my Masters in International Relations and International Trade and Commerce Law.  

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    Samuel Keitaanpaa Male Delegation: Australia Introduction: I am a pharmacist and researcher who is interested in the strategic use of health systems. This includes ensuring appropriate economic management and ensuring it improves the health of those at most need. In my spare time I enjoy martial arts and SCUBA diving.  

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    Jerome De Vera Male Delegation: Australia Introduction: Hi I’m Jerome, an Electrical/Electronic engineering student at the University of South Australia. My interests lie in global energy transitions, sustainability and climate change action.  

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    Rachael Megan Stock Female Delegation: Australia Introduction: Graduate Accountant with an interest in business moving forward in socially and environmentally conscious directions.  

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    Sam William Johnson Male Delegation: Australia Introduction: Sam Johnson is currently completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at the University of New South Wales. He believes that the most important infrastructure challenge of the 21st century is not to build the largest skyscraper, but rather to ensure infrastructure is provided so that people worldwide […]