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Y20 China official website, information system and BBS system service

Date of publication: 2016-05-08 14:57:24 Source:g20admin

1 Y20 China 2016 Official Website

To help delegates achieve smooth and efficient communication and receive meeting preparation information in good time, delegates are invited to log in to Y20 China website, complete registration and activate their accounts within the specified time. Delegates can read conference news and announcements, participate in online discussions, submit relevant information and documents and vote online using the Y20 China official website. The sponsor will provide the delegates with exclusive personal website registration codes for online registration.


Y20 China official website:


2 Information Management System

At the same time, the delegates can log in to the information management system to better participate in the whole process of Y20 China.



2.1 Complete personal data

First of all, you will receive an invitation email from the organizing committee, which will provide you with a unique account and password for Y20 China. Using the account password, you can:

2.1.1 Activate your account and modify your password when you first log in to the system.

2.1.2 Complete personal information, including filling in personal information, uploading ID pictures and adding a personal introduction.

2.1.3 Select one of the members in your delegation as contact, and he/she will need to send an email to the Y20 Summit official email address ( to inform the organizing committee.


2.2 Select topics

The organizing committee will release alternative topics with overviews. You need to vote in the system to select formal topics for the summit. Each delegate has only one chance to vote for 5 topics.

After selecting the topics, click the “submit” button. The organizing committee will determine 5 topics for the summit based on the voting results.


2.3 Submit perspective reports

Each member and guest state should write a perspective report of around 3000 words covering all of the 5 topics.

Click the “add” button in the system, upload your perspective report and click “submit”, and send your perspective report to Y20 China official email address (


2.4 Consult the Y20 China Draft Communiqué

After receiving the perspective report of every state, the organizing committee will set out to draw up the Y20 China Draft Communiqué according the reports and then announce it on the official website of Y20 China non-publicly. The delegates may consult the draft document in the information management system.


2.5 Select topics freely

It is suggested that every delegate of each member states chooses to participate in an “Online Forum” in order to ensure that each member state will send a delegate to join the discussion of each issue. Delegates are required to select the Online Forum he/she will attend in the information management system and then click “submit”.

Subsequently, delegates may express their opinions on relevant topics in the draft Communiqué in the Online Forums and propose the revisions to the moderators in each Online Forum.


2.6 Select Ignite Speakers

Each delegation may send a delegate to deliver an Ignite Talk in Y20 China. The head delegate of every delegation should select that delegate in the information management system and then click “submit”.


3 BBS system

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the summit and facilitate discussions, we have developed the BBS system.


Specific functions

3.1 Discussing topics and the draft Communiqué online so as to broaden dialogue and increase common understandings.

3.2 Delegates can not only suggest a new topic, but also comment on other delegates’ opinions.

3.3 Important notices related to the Summit will be issued and set at the top for easier viewing.