Aug 2nd 2016
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About Y20

Date of publication: 2016-03-04 14:16:11 Source:g20admin

About Y20

What is the Y20?


The Y20 (short for “Youth 20”) is linked with and has an inherent relationship with the G20. It is aimed at providing an institutionalized high-end dialog platform for young people from across the G20 countries. It encourages them to pay close attention to the most pressing global problems, to exchange, collide, fully negotiate and finally reach consensus as future leaders.


The first official Y20 conference was held in 2010. Afterwards, every year the rotating presidency of the G20 shoulders the responsibility for hosting the Y20. The previous five meetings were held in Canada, the US, Russia, Australia and Turkey. With the gradual perfection of its processes and the expansion of its functions, the Y20 has become widely acknowledged as the highest level and most influential international diplomatic conference for young people. Up to now, over 600 outstanding young people have taken part in this conference.


The Y20 is usually held before the G20, and its participants include the delegations (each made up by five young people from a member state of the G20) and observers from other countries or international organizations. During the summit, young people from different countries exchange ideas, carry out tense multilateral consultations, and eventually come to a fair, creative and representative solution. The final product will be submitted to the national leaders attending the G20 meeting that year in the form of a report or bulletin, to communicate young people’s attitudes and suggestions about human beings’ common future.


Every young person represents his (or her) country as well as looking forward to the world’s future in the Y20. Knowledge, experience, dreams, and passion will all be channeled into awareness of responsibility and consciousness of shouldering the future of the world. Through taking a larger responsibility, young people will definitely make their voices more clearly heard in the world.



The Importance of Y20


The issues discussed in the G20 Summit and the resolutions passed in it have a profound influence on the member countries and numerous neighboring countries. The Y20 builds a platform for the world’s major economies to coordinate and cooperate, and to put the wisdom, knowledge and livelihood of the people in a prominent place. It also pushes them to base their decisions on effective social governance and improving people’s welfare. The Y20 is an important driving power in consolidating, continuing and improving the global community of common destiny. It puts young people on the stage of global governance, and shows the world their wisdom and power. It’s a commitment that the young generation will have a bright future.


The Y20 makes young people learn self-positioning. People under 30 make up 50% of our population. Even though many young people are facing the consequences of the global financial crisis and the global economic recovery, they are still at the stage of just starting their life. They are vigorous and energetic, and temporary difficulties can’t block their way towards supporting the whole world. The economic growth of the G20 wouldn’t be possible without them, and the same is true of the development of the global economy. The Y20 provides the chance to gather the wisdom and power of young people, and deliver their voices to every corner of the world.


The Y20 makes young people learn to take responsibilities. Governments of different countries are taking young people’s will more and more seriously, while young people are becoming more willing to put forward their opinions. When young people of different levels of development, backgrounds, and cultural environment get together to share their ideas, thoughts and prospects for the future, they are not just citizens from particular countries. Instead, they are considering problems from the angle of future elites and leaders in social governance. In this age of challenges and possibilities, young people must open their minds to the whole world.


The Y20 lets young people play a role. The Y20 covers countries of almost all stages of development, with 60% of the population and economy of the world. Accounting for different national conditions, youth representatives will fully exchange views on the G20 themes and discuss future directions. They will work together to achieve an agreement from the perspective of the young generation with their own specialisms and experience. A drafted communique will be submitted to the G20 president and released to the global leaders at the summit. It is not only a process for young people to participate into global governance, but also an important demonstration that young people have a global outlook and work together for a common future.


Young people should understand their own value and learn to take responsibility for the future. We are not limited and fragmented groups but a united community of common destiny. Y20 creates a spirit beyond borders and regimes, and tells young people that there is a higher and common pursuit, namely the future of the human community.