Aug 2nd 2016
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1. Travelling Reminder

Date of publication: 2016-05-05 21:49:55 Source:g20admin


1.1 Visa

Delegates should arrange visas by themselves. The committee will provide official invitations for delegates to apply for their visas (no later than the end of June).


1.2 Flight Time

Delegates should arrive in Beijing for registration by July 24th and may depart from Shanghai from July 30th.


1.3 Transportation

We will arrange shuttle buses if needed and our volunteers will provide pick-up and drop-off on July 24th and July 30th.


During the conference, the committee will provide delegates with transportation. delegates will take China Railway High-speed (CRH) to travel from Beijing to Shanghai, and take official shuttle buses to get to hotels and conference venues.


1.4 Time Zone

UTC + 8


1.5 Weather

The average temperature in July in Beijing is 25-32℃. The average temperature in July in Shanghai is 27-35℃. Based on experience, it will be very hot in summer.