Aug 2nd 2016
Wang Meng (Head Delegate)

Delegation:  China

Introduction: Dear all delegations and friends,I am happy to meet you here. I am the member of Chinese delegation for Y20 in China.


As a geologist from China Minmetals Corporation, I take a long term to work on the research from china, also some other parts of the world. Normally I work on the mineral exploration such as mapping, tectonic, or sedimentary research to understand the formation of the ore body, and some other geological events. And in the same time, I always want to use my knowledge and research for society. So I worked a lot of projects to rebuild the paleoclimate on the GeologicalTime Scale to offer the basic background to know the changing of climate today. I helped Xinjiang, and Shanxi provinces, China set up two National Geoparks to protect the nature and geological heritage there, and it also benefited for the local people to get education and get rid of poverty. The reduce risk is also one of my concerned topic for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) related with UNSIDR. How to achieve and carry out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the young generation should play the roles.


I worked in Ministry of Land & Resources, China, China Geological Survey for the mission of APEC-Mine Working Group and organized the training for young delegations from ASEAN countries on Mapping, China Mining Expo 2010 in Tianjin and several other international collaboration. I also worked in International Union of Geological Science (IUGS) as the scientific assistant for president and promoted the Cooperation projects between IUGS with UNESCO.


And now I am elected and servicing as the president of Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network, one worldwide scientific organization for young and early career earth scientists. It has the members from 140 countries and keeps the working with all of international scientific organizations. In last two years, we organized several international and national congresses, training courses, set up one Journal and first Award for Young Geological called Outstanding Young Earth Scientists Prize. We are promoting the development of young scientists, and set up the platform for them to work together for future society and human beings.


I graduate from China University of Geosciences as the master in Sedimentary Geology, with the exchange master in United Nations University (UNU) on the topic of Climate Change Adaption. I also keep two Bachelor degrees as Geology and Law. Now I am trying for finish my MBA during my job. I live in Beijing with my family and two cats.
Hope to see you soon in Beijing and Shanghai soon.