Aug 2nd 2016
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Announcement of Y20 China’s Five Discussion Topics

Date of publication: 2016-05-21 10:02:40 Source:g20admin

Dear delegates:


The vote for formal topics has closed on May 19th at noon UTC+8. 61.3% of the delegates finished their votes by 12:00 May 19th UTC+8 and the results are shown in the bar chart below:


图片 1
图片 2 

According to our rules, the top five topics will be selected for further discussion.

  • Poverty elimination and joint development (38 votes)
  • Entrepreneurship and creative thinking (35 votes)
  • Green life and sustainability(35 votes)
  • Social justice and equal opportunities(34 votes)
  • Partnership and global governance (33 votes)
  • Decent jobs and career development (24 votes)
  • Economic growth and structural reforms (22 votes)
  • Urbanization and migration (21 votes)
  • Information technology and youth development (19 votes)
  • Lifelong learning and education diffusion (18 votes)
  • Culture, heritage and youth integration (6 votes)


The most popular five proposed recommendations out of all the topics will be under discussion in future progress. You may need to develop your perspective report based on these five topics.


Please choose your Online Forum Group and participate in further discussion in Y20 China Digital Assistant. You can contact us if you have any questions, our official email is .


Thank you for your devotion and cooperation.


Best wishes!


Y20 China Committee

May 20th, 2016