Aug 2nd 2016
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Youth Innovation for Our Shared Vision

Date of publication: 2016-05-15 13:14:58 Source:g20admin

Fellow young people:


The spirit of global dialogue and collaboration has brought us from different parts of the world to China, the country that is ancient but young, full of energy, and constantly reinventing herself.


We are meeting in the time of innovation and growth, with new ideas and technologies redefining the boundaries of human knowledge and ability. Never before in history, a generation of young people was given such opportunities to invent and design, to think creatively and to act and work in novel ways. This is a time when innovation is the source of sustainable growth, and youth is an engine for the creative economy.


This, however, is also a time of many challenges, for the young and people of all ages, and in many areas of our life. In the labor market, many of us face unemployment and other career development difficulties. Around the world many young people lack access to quality education and learning resources. Poverty still exists in many parts of the globe. While new ways of communication make the world ever so connected, many of us share the desire to stay closer to our cultural roots.


But more importantly, this is a time to exchange and share, to include and collaborate, to be partners and friends, not just in creating and innovating, but also in facing difficulties and challenges.


Youth embraces dreams. Youth embraces the future.


We invite all of you to use this summit as a platform for assembling existing ideas and creating new ones, for strengthening old friendship and forming new ties, for brightening our own life and contributing to making the world better for everyone.


We suggest the following topics for discussion.


1.Poverty elimination and joint development

2.Entrepreneurship and creative thinking

3.Social justice and equal opportunities

4.Green life and sustainability

5. Partnership and global governance